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Guerrilla Collective Showcase 2023: Nivalis

Nivalis took part in the Guerrilla Collective Showcase 2023 with a behind-the-scenes look at the development of the game! The video showcases the development of various animations for the NPCs that fill the city, allowing for a smoother and more realistic animation to shine through!

Simulate your life in Nivalis in this title developed by ION LANDS and published by 505 games as you spend your time however you want each day — from managing a business to growing or buying your ingredients and finding love, life is yours to live! This cyberpunk world is filled with love and things to explore, and the behind-the-scenes video showcases a lot of the thought and love that has gone into making it feel alive!

Check out the video above and follow and wishlist the game on Steam here

Summer Game Fest 2023
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