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Guerrilla Showcase 2023: Crashlands 2 Official Announcement Trailer

Tonight at the Guerrilla Showcase, Crashlands 2, the highly-anticipated sequel to Butterscotch Shenanigans’ 2016 game Crashlands, was announced.

In Crashlands 2, you play as Flux Dabes, an intergalactic trucker who is sent crashing into the alien wilderness, where he must craft to survive. As Flux slaps everything in his path, he can survive and discover new crafting recipes with the power of friendship.

As you build yourself a new home, you can bring your friends to live with you and spend time learning about the new world you find yourself in. This is a colourful open world survival crafting sim that fans of Crashlands will definitely be excited for.

While a release date hasn’t been set in stone, you can expect Crashlands 2 to be released sometime in 2024. It will be available on Steam, and on iOS and Android devices.

Summer Game Fest 2023
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