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PC Gaming Show 2023: Jumplight Odyssey Gameplay Teaser

Ready your crew and take to the stars in this space-faring interstellar RTS brought to us by the independent studio League of Geeks. Escape pursuit through the galaxy from the clutches of the dangerous Admiral Voltan in Jumplight Odyssey, a space sim that puts players at the helm of a passenger ship with an expressive crew. Defend against invaders as you promote, defend and expand across the galaxy within the confines of your ship with a gameplay loop that feels reminiscent of Faster Than Light.  Manage your crew and live to see another day in this starship adventure simulator when the free demo for Jumplight Odyssey drops on 19th June 2023 via Steam.

Summer Game Fest 2023
Luke Greenfield

Luke Greenfield

Staff Writer

Just a guy that loves to write :)

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