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PC Gaming Show 2023: Earthless

We thought we had more time with Sol, but after a quick eruption, Earth is no longer inhabitable, hundreds of ships have gone airborne, and it is up to you — the sole captain — to find these Earth nomads a home. But will you be able to?

Earthless is a title very much akin to IXION, in which you will captian various ships and ensure the survival of the human race at all costs. Mixing in card-based gameplay, you will need to improvise with each decision you make and play with the cards you're dealt in order to save the last of humanity.

You are their final hope, and you will need to take a journey across the stars in order to find them a new home before all else fails. But can you do it? Try your hand when Earthless releases in 2024!


Summer Game Fest 2023
Violet Plata

Violet Plata

Staff Writer

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