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Summer Game Fest 2023: The Hunt Draws Close In Witchfire

Witchfire, the new FPS from the creators of such games as Painkiller, The Vanishing of Ethan Carter, and Bulletstorm, received a new trailer! In the trailer, we see some of the dark and frighteningly beautiful environments, as well as some combat and weapons. In the trailer, we see our intrepid hunter dash and dodge around enemies of both humanoid and monstrous appearance, as well as utilizing fantastic skills and deadly guns. My favourites were the flaming crossbow and the literal, and devastating, hand-cannon. What were your favourites?

Witchfire is set to release on Early Access on the Epic Games Store 20th September 2023. I for one cannot wait for the hunt to begin!


Summer Game Fest 2023
Martin Heath

Martin Heath

Staff Writer

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