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PC Gaming Show 2023: Naheulbeuk's Dungeon Master Reveal Trailer

From developer Artefacts Studio and publisher comes Naheulbeuk's Dungeon Master, a ‘city’ building simulator where players are tasked to build the perfect dungeon for the evil sorcerer Zangdar. If the name ‘Naheulbeuk’ sounds familiar, that would be because this game is based upon the satirical fantasy RPG The Dungeon Of Naheulbeuk: The Amulet Of Chaos, and allows players to try their hand at constructing the very dungeon that caused the countless deaths of them and their friends. Defend your dungeon from would-be heroes, and keep the underlings happy enough to not cause any problems with Zangdar in Naheulbeuk's Dungeon Master when it launches in Summer 2023 for Windows.

Summer Game Fest 2023
Luke Greenfield

Luke Greenfield

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