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Guerrilla Collective 2023: Dawn of the Monsters Update Trailer

Tonight at the Guerrilla Showcase, Dawn of the Monsters revealed its brand new update. In this free update, players will have access to New Story + where they can use their upgrades to defeat all the other monsters in their path.

However, that’s not all. Players can also increase the level of challenge in a New Game +++ mode that will make the battles even tougher. Kaiju fans will be delighted to have access to a full Japanese dub, which they can listen to as they face more challenges.

Best of all, Dawn of the Monsters has now released an Arcade Edition and Character DLC pack, You can take the form of a Super Sentai-esque mecha that can switch between a sword, axe, and hammer to face the other monsters around you.

There are also 50 new skins, and there are so many new modes, from Nightmare to Rogue, that will increase the difficulty as you play.

Developed by 13AM Games and WayForward, Dawn of the Monsters was released in March 2022. If you’re interested in Dawn of the Monsters’ free title update, it is coming soon to Steam, Nintendo Switch, Xbox and PlayStation.

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