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Summer Game Fest 2023: The Storm Is Coming In Throne and Liberty

The stars have shattered and fallen across the land. Evil draws near and war is on the horizon; this is the painting Throne and Legacy draws for us in their fantastic world premiere trailer! Though we don't see much in terms of gameplay, the trailer does tease some very interesting features.

It would seem our goal in the game is to gather atar fragments and use their powers to fight the darkness and claim the throne. It is unclear what powers these star fragments provide, but we do see characters shape shifting into various animals, such as an eagle and a wolf. Additionally, we see many different kinds of skills, both magical and mundane with characters slinging spells and axes to finish their foes. Could this be an indicator for a class system? Finally, the trailer showed us massive battles with titanic beasts, some of which may even be on your side! Based on the trailer alone, it would seem that there is indeed a storm coming, and oh what a storm it is! Epic and fast paced combat, beautiful environments and both stunning magic and large-scale fights? I don't know which throne I'm aiming for but sign me up!

Summer Game Fest 2023
Martin Heath

Martin Heath

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