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Xbox and Bethesda Games Showcase: Avowed

Embark on an adventure across the Living Lands as an envoy of Aedyr in Avowed, with a brand-new gameplay trailer showcasing plenty of gameplay elements in the form of combat!

Narrated by a character speaking about the protagonist's strength and power, the trailer features all manner of power that the protagonist will have at their disposal. Wield the power of various schools of magic, use your bow and arrow, or even wield enchanted weapons to freeze and shatter foes!

Avowed is yet to receive an official release date outside of its 2024 time frame, but fans will be happy to know that they will be able to play Avowed on the Xbox Series X|S and PC via Steam or Xbox Game Pass on day one!

Summer Game Fest 2023
Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

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