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Wholesome Direct 2023: Moonstone Island

It's time to complete your alchemy training! In this adorable title — Moonstone Island — you will explore hunders of islands, make friends, brew potions, and collect Spirits!

This charming fusion of life simulator, creature collector, and card battler appears in just a really short trailer but gives us a great look at the adorable world and characters we'll be able to interact with! Plus, it ends with a collaboration with Terraria, as they showcase Coolslime", so now you're obligated to wishlist it!

Moonstone Island will be available to play on the upcoming Steam Next Fest starting on the 19th of June, so be sure to mark your calendars! In the meantime, make sure to leave it a wishlist and follow it if you're interested here!

Summer Game Fest 2023
Artura Dawn

Artura Dawn

Staff Writer

Writes in her sleep, can you tell?

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