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Future Games Show 2023: Paleo Pines

Tonight at the Future Games Show, Modus Games released a new trailer for Paleo Pines.

Developed by Italic Pig, Paleo Pines is best described as a cosy dino ranching game. You move into a new ranch, which you must fix as you get to know the quirky townsfolk around you. Befriend other humans and the cheeky dinosaurs that inhabit the world, and recruit them as ranch hands to help you out.

Growing and harvesting your crops has never been easier, as your dinosaur helpers will make the process easier. With their help, you'll deliver the best harvest the town has ever seen.

Your ranch will become a dinosaur sanctuary, and you can make it as cosy and comfortable as you like. 

Paleo Pines will be released on Steam on the 26th of September. 

Summer Game Fest 2023
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