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GameGrin at Gamescom 2014

GameGrin at Gamescom 2014

This week marks the return of Europe’s biggest gaming expo as Gamescom goes live from Cologne in Germany. The event is one of the most significant on the gaming calendar and always features some surprises alongside updates on the biggest upcoming releases. GameGrin will have feet on the ground once again this year, as several of our writers will be attending the event ready to lap up every bit of detail about every game possible. Then passing that info on to you of course.

That’s not everything though, we’ll also have coverage of the big press conferences on Tuesday and Wednesday as well as running news on the big announcements from the event. Here’s a quick reminder of the conference times:

Microsoft: 1pm UK time (2pm CET) on Tuesday 12th August.

Sony: 6pm UK time (7pm CET) on Tuesday 12th August

EA: 9am UK time (10am CET) on Wednesday 13th August

You can expect a whole heap of cool stuff from those conferences, especially the Sony event. Sony has a good history with Gamescom, often using the event as an opportunity to display the best of European games on PlayStation. Announcement of Media Molecule’s new game, anyone?

That said, we’re sure to get some extra detail on the amaze-balls Halo: Master Chief Collection from Microsoft, plus more info on Quantum Break is highly likely. EA are sure to be following up on their largely prototype-based E3 conference with some nearing completion games like The Sims 4, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Battlefield: Hardline. Maybe with a few surprises thrown in.

Oh, and for the Metal Gear Solid fans out there, Hideo Kojima will be hosting a special event at Gamescom on Wednesday night in which he’ll be revealing some new gameplay footage! We’ll hopefully have the details on that soon.

Be sure to stick with GameGrin throughout the event and into the weeks following, as we continue to provide in-depth previews on the games we encounter at the show.

Let’s rock and roll.

Gamescom 2014
Ryan Davies

Ryan Davies

Junior Editor

Budding, growing and morphing games journalist from the South. Known nowhere around the world as infamous wrestler Ryan "The Lion" Davies.

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