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Rainbow Six Urban Operations Diaries Part One

Rainbow Six Urban Operations Diaries Part One

As this is an expansion for Rogue Spear, I don’t really have much to preface this with. I’m looking forward to it, though it’s only five missions long (with five more redone from Rainbow Six), and has three new weapons. Urban Operations was released in April 2000, developed and published by Red Storm Entertainment as always, it was the first of two expansions. I expect this Diary will be three parts at most, as I’ll only be writing about the new missions.

Let’s begin!



This is my ongoing exploration of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series, played in release order, where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. This time I begin Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Rogue Spear: Urban Operations.

After a pretty good year’s worth of saving people, RAINBOW apparently decided to take 11 months off. It is now 2nd February 2003, and Operation: Iron Comet is a go. Kurdish extremist group The Kurdistan Workers’ Party has kidnapped a UN negotiator and his aide in Istanbul. I’m being sent in to rescue them both.

Joining the team is Kevin Sweeney, the least British sounding Birmingham born-and-raised person I’ve ever heard. He’s the Chief Intelligence Officer, seemingly taking over from Susan Holt.


I'd need to remember to shoot that sniper...

My plan was to loop around the back of the building, go upstairs and grab the hostages, shoot the sniper on the balcony and get out of the front door. The main hurdle would be the civilians in the market - I was to avoid murdering them, or allowing them to be murdered.

Deploying, I led the team into the market and shot a terrorist, making the civilians scatter. We went towards the back where I shot another man hiding behind a pillar and not looking at us. Around the back of the building, I shot another guy in the back before checking up the nearby staircase for another - which I found and shot. I went for the waypointed door to the right and shot another guy inside before ascending the staircase - killing another along the way.


He wanted to have a lie down... in ketchup...

At the top of the stairs, I opened it and shot the man in front of me. Unfortunately, I neglected to look left, and the guy on the other side of the upper level shot me. I took over as Santiago Arnavisca, who had already shot the other guy, and entered the next room, shooting the terrorist inside. The next room was the hostage room, but the heartbeat monitors said that he was behind this door, not the other side. So I opened it and shot him, feeling quite good about myself. I exited to the balcony and shot the sniper, then checked the area below. Due to some bad profiling on my part, I shot a civilian. Mission failed in 1:49, one RAINBOW incapacitated, 12 terrorists killed.


Mentally kicking myself, I redeployed - heading around the back of the building and killing the same people, except for the one at the top of the nearby staircase. We went into the building and shot everyone (including the guy who shot Reserve1 earlier), then burst into the room adjoining the hostage room. I shot the terrorist inside, and opened the door - but my gun didn’t respond despite having ammo available. The terrorist inside shot me, before one of my men shot him. I took over and grabbed the hostages, then shot the sniper and the terrorist beneath the balcony. Yes, the correct guy this time.


We exfiltrated the building unpoosed, and went straight for the extraction zone. Mission successful in 2:55, with 13 terrorists dead. Reserve1 was incapacitated, but not killed. So, we went into Operation: Virgin Moon, which saw us headed to an underground station in London. Some Irish Loyalists had set off a bomb and fled the scene, being cornered in the New Bridge station. Worse - they had no idea how many terrorists were there, nor exactly where the hostages were.

Well, it turned out that wasn’t quite true, as they gave me the “likely” locations of the hostages. I made a plan to sweep the station and wipe out the terrorists, and picking up the hostages along the way, then back to the extraction point.


Plan for murder, settle for rescuing the hostages

Deploying, we were stood in front of a train. There was a terrorist walking down towards us, so I shot him - and kicked the proverbial hornet’s nest. Whilst defending myself from multiple assailants running down the tracks towards us, I was shot by someone from a window overlooking the tunnel. As were the rest of the squad. Mission failure in 53 seconds, six terrorists dead, one RAINBOW wounded and three KIA.

Redeploying, we again shot the man in the train. We stood our ground, mowing down the terrorists and slowly making our way down the tracks. There were 10 or so, but once they were done I grabbed my heartbeat monitor and led the way through the station. I had plotted a route from one platform to the other, and up the stairs - since everyone had run towards me, that plan wasn’t needed.


In my defense, they might have set off a bomb in a flat

Up the stairs and towards the first hostage room, I was gunned down. Taking control of another RAINBOW, I shot the one I thought was responsible - hidden down a staircase - only to also be shot just as someone else shot the man in the window looking down at us. The team was wiped out moments later by a terrorist coming around the corner in front of us… Mission failure in 4:49, with 13 terrorists killed, two RAINBOWs KIA and two incapacitated.

The next redeployment went better, with terrorists falling before me in swathes. One of the two in the first window remained in cover and didn’t hear us coming before I shot him. We went up to the next level where I shot three terrorists who decided to run away from us, and one of the team shot the guy above us. I picked the lock on the nearby door, shot the terrorist inside and grabbed the hostage before leading the way up to the next level.


Has an underground station ever had THIS many posters?

A terrorist was hiding around a corner, and we shot him before heading into the office where the second hostage was. I shot the two men before they could kill her, and grabbed her - moments before the terrorist outside shot her. Mission failure in 4:06, 22 terrorists dead, one hostage dead.

Now that I had the layout and basic terrorist placements memorised, we deployed once more and waded through terrorist bodies. It was quite easy going, as everyone was in their places. Even the guy hiding behind a wall on the top level. I shot the two men with the hostage through the window, shielding the hostage from the guy presumably behind me. He was - and was shot by one of my men. The mission was a success in 2:52, with 23 terrorists killed.

Next up was Operation: Aztec Palace, which would see us headed for Venice. Bomb disarming and terrorist killing awaited me…

Rainbow Six Diaries
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