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Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Diaries Part Five

Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 Diaries Part Five

This is my ongoing exploration of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series, played in release order, where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. This time I continue Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas 2.

After rescuing some hostages and disarming a bomb, Bishop was accompanying an NSA agent in going after Alverez Cabrero …

Operation: Nevada Desert began at 0122hrs., and it had taken over two hours to fly to our destination, and Logan Keller’s squad were about half done with their mission. Bishop spoke to the NSA agent as they flew, pondering whether the attacks were random. The NSA agent agreed that they might just be random attacks, but when asked whether that was his theory he just said no. Before Bishop could speak again, the helicopter pilot said that the airstrip would be heavily guarded, so Bishop opted to enter via the oil field we were above. The NSA agent said that he worked better alone, and wanted to be dropped somewhere else, so I really was going in solo…

20210714132401 1

Fast roping down to the roof of a building, I went down a ladder and checked the diner I was now in. There were at least two tangos outside in the car park, so I shot one through a broken window, once he was alone. Smashing a window, I shot a second only to hear a third yell in surprise. I carefully went through to the back room and spotted the third tango taking cover behind a car, so I shot him too and climbed out through the window. People never heard smashing glass, I had noticed…

In the car park, I cautiously made my way towards the exit, shooting a carefree tango in the head as I went. How did four men not hear a helicopter? I have no idea. Blocking the road was a tanker truck that was on fire, so I had to squeeze past it - or use the metal gantry off to the side. I used it, then went down a ladder, and up another ladder on the opposite side. I figured it would keep me unseen - I was wrong. A tango in the guard room to my immediate right, who I couldn’t see from my angle, and spotted me. People converged on my location and I killed them all, before moving from relative safety.

20210714142647 1

Just past the guard room, however, were plenty more tangos. I’d go into further detail, but it really was moving from one cover to another, whilst shooting terrorist wave after terrorist wave.

Moving into the trainyard, the NSA agent got in touch to say that he had spotted what might be Alverez on a security camera, in said trainyard. What I found was a large amount of tangos… Once I was through them, NSA came back to say that it wasn’t Alverez, and could I check on the other side of the refinery. This guy was definitely not on the level - or was just terrible at his job.

Fighting my way through a room full of machinery and steam, I went up some stairs and an alarm started blaring. NSA asked what was going on, and complained that he had been locked in, so I needed to deactivate the alarm. More tangos filled what appeared to be a generator room, so I dealt with them and went outside, up some stairs and into the next building. There were only two tangos, for once neither of whom spotted me before I killed them. Up to now, it had been a constant stream of being spotted the second I entered an area…

Going through a door, I restocked and swapped one of my assault rifles for a Scout Tactical, as well as changed the scope on my MP5N. I hadn’t been doing much weapon swapping to now, but this whole operation had been incredibly difficult so far.

20210715113522 1

Down a corridor, I entered an office full of bodies and general mayhem, where a laptop allowed me to turn off the alarm. Upon doing so, two vans pulled up and the door was blasted off of its hinges by two tangos who threw in a smoke grenade and came in after me. What followed was yet another very difficult fight as I mixed sniping, grenades and general gunnery against an overwhelming force who were quite able to shoot me accurately in the darkness.

Eventually, I made it out the other side and overheard a man talking to his boss via radio, though I didn’t hear what the boss was saying. It was clear that I was being more of a hassle than they thought I would be, though. After I killed that guy, I snuck forwards and was immediately spotted by two tangos who had their backs to me, as soon as I looked down my scope at them.

Once the way ahead was clear, I ran for a ladder and climbed up to the gantry, entering a nearby door. By sheer coincidence, it was where I needed to go, so I resumed my sneaking as I looked under a door with my snake cam. One man guarded the upper level, so I went in and shot him with my silenced rifle. Instantly, multiple tangos fired on my position and I barely made it into a control room, before exiting out the back and resupplying.

20210715114602 1

Going through a room full of machinery, I checked under the door with the snake cam to see two tangos. I opened the door and shot them both, then circled around to go through the room below me - which was full of tangos. Luckily, the door I needed was next to me, so I went out and was contacted by NSA. He was with Alvarez in a hanger on the airstrip, so I needed to get through this next section fast.

Of course, exiting the building led me into a labyrinthine section of pipes, barrels and walkways, which was stuffed full of tangos. Once out the other side, I entered another building down some stairs and came under attack while I was listening to two tangos chat. Once clear, I exited the building and climbed a nearby ladder. It let me see into the hanger, where I could hear Alvarez talking with Gabriel Nowak!

20210715114928 1

Gabriel shot Alvarez and walked off talking about how Bishop taught him to look after himself, presumably when he screwed up five years ago in Part One. He walked off and waved in some of his men, while I tried to shoot him through the apparently bulletproof window. Moments later, there was an explosion and everything went dark.

Coming to in the helicopter, it turned out that the helicopter pilot had pulled me out of the hangar. He explained that Gabriel had stolen some warheads and given Logan’s team the slip, though I had no idea how it was still dark at what must have been going on 7am. Six came through, ordering me back to Pendleton for a medical checkup, as everyone was exhausted. He wanted to be prepared before we took on Gabriel.

20210715115100 1

Bishop told the pilot that she needed his help, clearly having decided to disobey a direct order…

Rainbow Six Diaries
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