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Rainbow Six: Vegas Diaries Part Six

Rainbow Six: Vegas Diaries Part Six

This is my ongoing exploration of Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six series, played in release order, where I will chronicle my playthrough like a text-based Let’s Play. This time I continue Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas.

Finally leaving Las Vegas, we were heading to put an end to Irena Morales at the Nevada Dam…

Somewhat obviously called Operation: Nevada Dam, it was now 0547hrs, and Logan had been in action for 11 hours. We were flying through a valley towards the dam, and were joined by three National Guard helicopters, while we pondered why Morales was planning on destroying this dam just to flood some tourists. Suddenly, an RPG flew out from the bridge before the dam, blasting one of the National Guard choppers and forcing them down. We fast roped onto the bridge, and the chopper left.

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Vegas 2021 04 26 12 42 01.mp4 snapshot 52.37.518

The moment we moved forwards, another RPG shell went flying in an arc, blowing up a car, and sending a security guard flying. As we approached, he got up and told us that he’d been sent out to deliver a message to anyone who showed up - back off. They apparently had a bomb set up, ready to blow up the bridge. Worse, it was on a timer, so we didn’t even know how long left until it did that.

Almost immediately, we were set upon by tangos. We had to fight our way to the visitor’s centre, where the bomb was. Also tangos, but that was certainly a given by this point. Descending the stairs on the left, I threw a smoke grenade in and we cleared the area out. As soon as it was safe, I ordered Mike to disarm the bomb, which he did with moments to spare.

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Vegas 2021 04 27 13 07 46.mp4 snapshot 03.15.420

Leaving through a back door, we fast roped down some cables which had been put there for maintenance workers, landing on the roof of a building far below. Joanna piped through some camera footage of two terrorists trying to get to a dam worker who had locked himself in a cage, in a not-so-subtle hint that we had to rescue them. Then she told us to rescue them.

Moving in through a door, we went downstairs and I checked through the door with the snake cam. I could see two, so marked them and told the squad to clear the room, which they did, and then killed a third who burst through the next door. That led us above a pipe room, which had a solo tango guarding the area, so we shot him. As we stacked up at the next doorway, a tango came out and died instantly when my squad shot him. Unfortunately, they were both mowed down as I sent them inside, so I had to shoot the third tango before I could revive them.

Going downstairs, we went back through the pipe room to two doors leading into the room with the cage. I quickly checked it with the snake cam, but there were still only two men inside, so I marked them and sent the squad in to shoot them. The technician was thankful for the rescue, but said that the alarm which had been sounding since I had fast roped meant that things were not good. The dam was going to pop like a balloon if we didn’t do anything about it!

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Vegas 2021 04 27 13 07 46.mp4 snapshot 10.13.684

Loading into the next area, we moved through a pipe to the outside, accompanied by the technician. Crouching behind walls, I checked out the area ahead. It seemed clear, apart from one patrolling tango, so I moved into a good position and shot him with my sniper rifle. Cautiously, we followed the path, and I sent the squad ahead into cover. They came under fire, and we had to fight off a handful of terrorists who were dug into their positions, it was quite hairy at one point!

Once they were dead, we moved on to the control room. Ordering the squad to stack up at the door, I climbed a nearby ladder to the roof. There was a big window looking down into the room, so I checked things out before opening fire from above, and sending the squad in. With the room now empty, I fast roped down through the window, and the technician ran over unimpeded.

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Vegas 2021 04 27 13 07 46.mp4 snapshot 14.21.312

The technician didn’t have good news, however, as the controls weren’t responding. There was an older system which we could access, but it was a short distance away. So, leaving him we headed down some stairs to a pair of doors. After checking them both with the snake cam, I stacked the squad up at the right-hand door, and took the left-hand door around to another door. It opened into a garage, with a couple of explosive barrels (and some tangos) inside.

Giving the go order, I opened the door and shot the two barrels which I could see, killing at least three tangos. I then joined the assault, shooting a couple more before calling my team to my side. We moved down the path to a control room, where Jung began accessing the system to open some release valves. As he did, some shutters opened and tangos came out to attack. Thanks to my sniper rifle, most of them didn’t get very close, though I had to help Mike out by killing two tangos who came from behind.

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Vegas 2021 04 27 13 07 46.mp4 snapshot 22.44.316

With the spillways open, Joanna contacted me to explain why Morales had attacked the dam. She had been looking at blueprints retrieved from Dante’s Casino, and worked it out. There was a DARPA research facility, accessed through a secret door, and Morales wanted access to it. We entered a storage room that some tangos had come out of, and up some stairs to the rear. I sent the squad inside without checking it first, and that worked out well as they killed several tangos.

Going through a couple of doors, we entered the main generator area - a wide, expansive room full of machinery. As we moved through, tangos came in through the windows. The further we moved, the more terrorists came in. Through windows, and presumably having already been hiding in wait. We fought our way forwards, going down some stairs and into an office. After having the squad shoot the man inside, I took up position beneath a window and coordinated their positions as we took out all of the tangos.

Tom Clancys Rainbow Six Vegas 2021 04 28 12 48 20.mp4 snapshot 06.34.541

Next to the office was a ladder, which we climbed and went through a door and down some stairs. It led us to a door, behind which were two tangos, and some stairs leading further down. Clearly this was the place - it was certainly innocuous enough from upstairs!

Sending my men down the stairs first, we found a gap which allowed us to shoot one terrorist. When more came to investigate, we shot them too from safety, before reaching the bottom. Unfortunately, the rest of the tangos in the area weren’t so easily contained. They had fortified positions behind concrete and steel, so we couldn’t get a good bead on them. Thankfully, there was a door across the hallway from us, so we entered that, shot a tango, and made our way forward. Since there were fewer places to hide, we managed to get to the far end with only a few wounds. A doorway led us down to a hole in the floor, and a fast rope - and doubtlessly more tangos…

Rainbow Six Diaries
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