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So I Tried... For Honor

So I Tried... For Honor

 In each edition of So I Tried… we jump into a game that we have never tried and see what we find. Will it be something new to love? Something new to despise? Giving the title just under an hour to see if it is the game for me no matter how bad it may be. With the recent Black Friday and Cyber Monday discounts seeing many titles drop to stupidly low prices I picked up Ubisoft’s For Honor and jumped in to see what the title had to offer.

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What I thought it was

I knew what For Honor was and how its gameplay worked before jumping in given that I have seen a fair bit of gameplay. That said, I was also aware of a lot of problems the title had seen since release so going into it I was expecting a buggy, player-versus-player experience with some interesting sword fighting systems. My expectations were low.

What it actually is

Turns out For Honor is not a buggy experience but is in fact a sold, refined and highly enjoyable player-versus-player experience with an engaging combat system that is challenging and rewarding. With three factions to choice from and warriors from each to fight with, For Honor has a lot of options when it comes to finding the right fighting style for you. Thanks to plenty of customize both in terms of looks, abilities and perks, any of the characters can be just as good as each other. Most of my time has been spent in the newly released Breach mode in which a team of four must siege a castle while the other team of four defends. It's a thrilling gamemode that really showcases how the combat and gameplay systems work.

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Will I keep playing

I’m already well past the first hour mark and am rapidly approaching the ten hour mark so it is fair to say that I will keep playing. Sure, the progression and in-game currency might seem a bit odd but the core gameplay is so enjoyable that I find myself compelled to keep jumping in for more fights on a daily basis. If you haven’t tried the title out yet then I highly recommend you do as it is a fantastic time to join the battle.

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