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So I Tried... Genital Jousting

So I Tried... Genital Jousting

Each edition of So I Tried… I will try a game that I have never played before, the idea being to spend 30 minutes with any chosen title. Over the course of half an hour, I’ll develop a feel for what the game is and how it plays; I may find something I love, or something that I absolutely can’t stand. This time I found Genital Jousting, and all sorts of strangeness ensued.

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What I thought it was

A frantic, multiplayer-oriented adventure of disembodied phallic foes battling each other in all manner of arenas. All contained by an overarching goal of mass penetration, and general silliness among friends.

What it actually is

This one comes as advertised — with an admittedly girthy roster of game modes to try — greeting you immediately with options to jump into either offline or online “multipeen” modes. Within minutes you can be into a game with friends; the entire process feels efficient, well-presented and extremely (re)productive. Sound effects drive home all sorts of not-safe-for-work depictions of male members perforating each other and are as plentiful as the game modes they accompany, many of which are contained under the date night feature. Within one series of playable levels, a friend and I piloted peens through a field of roses, walked wiener dogs with our wieners and successfully delivered a baby. This grand adventure was capped off by a lovingly designed, playable montage of the life our endearing meat-rockets lived together.

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Will I keep playing?

I have a strong feeling that this particular title is going to join the ranks of other mayhem-oriented local multiplayer games in my collection. Thanks to its easy control scheme, well-executed gameplay and absolutely ridiculous concept, this one will likely come out of my Steam library quite a few times in the future to accompany good friends and drinks whenever it’s needed.

So I Tried
Sean Labbe

Sean Labbe

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Ammar Mahmood
Ammar Mahmood - 06:18pm, 21st July 2017

Not cool I havent played the game yet this game thosent work