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So I Tried... Tropico 5

So I Tried... Tropico 5

With each edition of So I Tried… a GameGrin writer takes a small look at a game they've never played before. The game in question has exactly 30 minutes to sell itself, and that decides if we keep playing it or not. Today, I take a look at the PlayStation 4 version of Tropico 5.

What I thought it was

At first glance, I got the idea of Tropico 5 being a Civilization-esque clone with elements of Command and Conquer while taking large focus from Sims-style humour. I believed it would offer me a relatively fun - yet forgettable - experience which I would enjoy for the time that I played it but would soon become bored and decide that other games are worthy of my time, far more than Tropico 5.

tropico 5 4

What It Actually Is

Oh Boy, I was so wrong. Tropico 5 is a wonderful god-sim which puts you in the shoes of a despotic leader who is planning on seceding from the established British Empire. In order to leave the rule of the - often maniacal - British monarch, you must accrue a certain amount of wealth by trading with pirates and smugglers and complete ridiculous goals for the king in question. These have included, harvesting crops for an underwater mansion and obtaining a certain amount of resources in order to build ludicrous statues of said monarch. Tropico 5 has a brilliant sense of humour which centres around your personal adviser and the interactions which you have with the in-game citizens of your despotic nation. It has a heavy emphasis on resources, relationships with other nations and a ‘take all’ attitude towards trade.

tropico 5 1

Will I keep playing?

Now that I have experienced the beauty of Tropico 5, glimpsed it’s luscious landscapes, interacted with its curious people and acclimated to it’s - often strange - mechanics, I can say that I am 100% interested in carrying on through the campaign and finally becoming the richest, most powerful and cultural nation on the planet.

tropico 5 2

What’s that you say, the king isn’t happy I’m trading with smugglers and have decided to abstain from giving him a birthday present?

Sorry readers, I have to go, I have a lot of money to invest in my military which can only be obtained by trading with those guys who ransacked my pier five minutes ago, ah dictator life.

So I Tried
Jaxson Elliott

Jaxson Elliott

Staff Writer

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