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So I Tried... Night in the Woods

So I Tried... Night in the Woods

Each edition of So I Tried… sees a member of staff trying a game that they have never played before. Will I find something new to add to my list of favourite games? Or will I find something that isn't worth talking about outside this article? Playing through a full half hour, no matter how infuriating it gets or how many times I fail, to see if this is the game for me. This time around, I tried Night in the Woods.

What I Thought it Was

I've heard a LOT about Night in the Woods, so I kind of knew about the fact that it's a story-driven adventure where we go back to the main character's home, and she grapples with the changes made, both in the town and in her relationships. I expected a lot of teenager drama, lots of coming-of-age moments, and quirky dialogue.

What it Actually is

Although it is basically all that I just described, it seems to have a much darker undertone to it than I originally expected. Whilst the teenager drama is still there, the last I got to see before my 30 minutes ran out was a severed arm and the group being quite nonchalant to the point of becoming almost grotesque and morbid.

Will I Keep Playing?

Although I am a bit interested in how the story will evolve, I can't see myself finishing it; the characters were quite edgy and angsty to the point of becoming a bit try-hard and annoying. Although this might be on purpose, it’s a bit much for my taste. It's unfortunate, but I think Night in the Woods is just not the title for me!

So I Tried
Violet Plata

Violet Plata

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