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So I Tried… Kena: Bridge of Spirits

So I Tried… Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Each edition of So I Tried… sees a member of staff trying a game that they have never played before. Will I find something new to add to my list of favourite games? Or will I find something that isn’t worth talking about outside this article? Playing through a full half hour, no matter how infuriating it gets or how many times I fail, to see if this is the game for me. This time around, I tried 2021’s Kena: Bridge of Spirits.

What I thought it was

From what little trailers I had seen and the occasional bit of gameplay, Kena looked to me like a collect-a-thon platformer with stunningly beautiful, Pixar-esque characters and environments with a fantasy theme to it all.

There also seemed to have an emphasis on fast-paced combat and what looked to be a fairly simple combo system that made me compare the game to a hidden gem called Legend of Kay. It certainly looked like a game I would enjoy, but it just sort of got lost in the shuffle of other videogames that had captured my interest more, or my ever-increasing backlog that needed clearing!

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Screenshots 21

What it actually is

Although there are quite a few collectibles to be found throughout the world, I wouldn’t necessarily call Kena: Bridge of Spirits a collect-a-thon. What I would call it is an emotionally charged action-adventure, with an often brutal and punishing combat system. The tags on the game's Steam page call it a “Souls like”, and whilst I can certainly see how people may compare the two due to the difficulty in combat, the similarities end there. There is no punishment for death, instead, you’re reverted to a previous checkpoint to try again.

I wouldn’t call the game overwhelmingly tough, especially with several difficulty options for players to choose from, but many of the enemies require specific tactics in order to beat them (such as mages who attack using bombs from a distance, usually needing a quick arrow shot to stun them before getting up close and personal) and the bosses can very quickly take you out if you’re not prepared to wait for an opening to attack.

Kena: Bridge of Spirits Screenshots 46

Will I keep playing

This is a very easy yes! Not only is Kena: Bridge of Spirits one of the best looking games I’ve ever seen, it’s fantastic animations and hauntingly beautiful soundtrack help to boost the overall aesthetic of the game, and they do so magnificently. It’s cutesy and charming, whilst still having some emotional weight to the story, as main character Kena (who is a spirit guide) helps troubled souls find peace.

I can’t wait to carry on with my adventure and see what wonderful characters and areas await me. As a fairly avid trophy hunter, though, I think I’ll be skipping a Platinum run for this one, Master Difficulty may be a bit too much for me!

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Mike Crewe

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