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So I Tried... Triple X Tycoon

So I Tried... Triple X Tycoon

Each edition of So I Tried… I will try a game that I have never tried before. Will I find something new to love? Will I find something new to despise? I'll take a full half hour, no matter how bad it gets or how badly I do, to see if this is the game for me. This time I tried out Triple X Tycoon.


What I thought it was

Going simply off of the name, I had flashbacks to Porno Studio Tycoon, a game I never really want to play again, yet here we are! Without even looking at the Steam page, I presumed I'd have to record people in the act and find a way to polish it and sell it. Alright, ladies and gents, let's see what terrible names for sex tapes we can come up with!


What it actually is

When I opened the game, I was met with a bright red start screen that told me the game was an "adult industry strategy". The game apparently takes place in 1975 and has a very simple, blocky art style. I figured out the controls and went to talk to someone and, I have to admit, the reaction I got was unexpected. "Great, another asshole. Alright, weed or coke? Who the fuck are you anyway? Nevermind, just walk away." My only response choice is "whatever", good to know I don't seem to give a crap!

So I finally got into the game and hired some talent, and spent the next minute or so clicking around to try and figure out what to do next. I finally clicked on the record button and finally figured out how to get the fun to finally begin! All of the talent appears to have a severe phobia of clothes and are very dedicated to their work. Even if a neighbour walks onto the set, they only stop when the scene is over! I did manage to complete one video before my porno studio was forced to close its doors because clearly I didn't pay attention to the money side of things. Oh well!


Will I keep playing

Actually, it's more likely I'll play this again than Porno Studio Tycoon. I kind of want to explore it a bit more, see if I can actually figure out the money system or see how fast I can crash and burn. It's not a terrible game! Not that I would put it in my recommendations, exactly… but I don't plan on throwing it out either. Triple X Tycoon is clearly self-aware and that's what saves it. I will definitely keep this one to make my friends play it at very least.

So I Tried


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Acelister - 11:26am, 23rd July 2018

I think the whole point of tycoon games IS the money side! 

ElisaDS - 08:19pm, 30th July 2018 Author

Then clearly I can't run a porn business, damn! ;)