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So I Tried Hitman: The Complete First Season

So I Tried Hitman: The Complete First Season

 For this edition of So I Tried, I will take a look at Hitman: The Complete First Season for PS4. I will play half an hour of it to find out whether the game is good or not.

hitman 9 wallpaper 3840x2160

What I thought it was


When I bought Hitman The Complete First Season for my PS4 I was expecting to play a game that was similar to the last game in the series, Hitman Absolution. I really enjoyed Absolution and the various elements that made the game fun to me. So I was kinda expecting Hitman The Complete First Season to have a huge narrative experience as well as having a fun gameplay experience.


What it actually is

Hitman: The Complete First Season was released in episodes throughout the whole of 2016. This meant that when I bought it the first episode had already been available digitally for about 9-12 months. But did the release method make the game any less enjoyable or fun? Not at all, there are a few advantages to releasing the game like this. One of them is huge, they had more time to make live content. This made the game last longer than most other games. More than a year after release they are adding more and more things to do, such as escalation contracts and elusive targets. The first thing that I did when I launched the game was play the level that they showcased at E3. This level was fun and open with lots of interactive environments to keep the game re-playable and enjoyable. After completing this mission by fixing a few light fixtures I was able to take out the target in a spectacular fashion. After completing the level I noticed that they had a leveling system for each of the seven locations. This leveling system had a few interesting things that caught my eye such as different weapons, starting locations and even better places to conceal weapons to pick up later.

Ej9VaN8RHitman 20151105 1140 KR


Will I continue playing

Yes I will continue playing Hitman. But I don't know to what extent I will continue playing it. I don't think I will be playing it so much that I will reach level 30 in each location. I think I will just play Hitman: The Complete First Season until I complete all the objectives at each location and finish the story. But I will also keep coming back so I can kill a few of them elusive targets that are always fun and exciting to kill.

So I Tried
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